Ducks move into Plattsburgh apartment complex

Published: Nov. 7, 2017 at 5:14 PM EST
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A stream runs right next to the Homestead on Ampersand apartment complex in Plattsburgh, attracting some guests that won't go away.

"I'm leaving my parking space and there's 20 ducks in front of my vehicle," tenant Mike Bilyeau said.

It's a flock of mallard ducks. At least 20 have landed at the complex since it opened in 2015. It started out with a pair of ducks and now...

"It's the largest flock of mallards I've seen-- ever," Bilyeau said.

These quacky neighbors are fed a pretty good diet of dog food, corn and rice.

"They're well fed, taken care of and loved," Bilyeau said.

It's all thanks to tenant Chrissie Kalman.

"I just love them and they cheer me up when they come rushing toward me when they see me come out," Kalman said.

A self-proclaimed animal lover, Kalman says she feeds them.

"Morning, noon and night," she said. "Look at the beautiful babies."

We asked Luke Tyrrell, a SUNY visiting lecturer in biology, if this is safe for the ducks' health.

"Don't feed the ducks; it's not good for the ducks," Tyrrell said. "A lot of people think they are helping the ducks by feeding them but it really is hurting the ducks."

So you shouldn't feed the wildlife; they need to remember how to naturally hunt. But if you are going to feed them, Tyrrell had this recommendation.

"If you have to feed the ducks, nothing is really good for them, but at least feed them whole fruits or vegetables," Tyrrell said.

With winter coming, our feathered friends will be leaving soon but for now, tenants enjoy their company... every last quack.

"They're just awesome," Kalman said. "Who cannot love them? I don't know what else to say. They can make anybody's day."

Tenants we spoke with seemed to love the ducks and say they have gotten used to their new neighbors. The apartment complex even put out a bench so tenants can sit with the ducks.