Duxbury road project causes confusion for drivers

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DUXBURY, Vt. (WCAX) Residents in Duxbury are trying to avoid crashing into each other in a notorius intersection that's been made worse by construction this summer.

The intersection of Main Street and River Road has been causing a major headache for Duxbury residents since construction began this summer on Route 2. Officials say the crossroads has always been tricky, but re-routed traffic has increased the severity of the problem.

"Historically it's always been a bad intersection, even back a little more years ago. It's worse now because of new construction and now everybody's using it," said Duxbury Selectboard Chair Bob Magee.

And the construction is expected to last at least three years. A series of traffic cones has become a temporary fix for now. While this has helped the flow of traffic, the select board and residents understand it's not a permanent solution.

"I think since they've added these cones, I think some people have been confused we've seen people go, in the opposite lane," said Cathy Casey of Moretown.

"We've seen people drive the wrong way around the cones, which has almost caused collisions. I don't think it's really helped a whole lot," said local resident Laura Ladiew.

Many locals have their own ideas for how the intersection could be more permanently secured. "Maybe random monitoring, like if we know what the busiest times are, we can go by our clocks. 'Wow it's 4:30, it gets busy.' Maybe just a little more uh, trooper attention," Casey said.

"Maybe another stop sign, I don't know. Maybe a two-way stop sign or a three-way stop at the intersection," Ladlew said.

However, it doesn't seem that any permanent fixes are ahead in the next few years.

"Our assistant administrator is going to look into trying to deal with the intersection. iI's just configured so wrong and it's something that's not gonna be done right off," Magee said.

He says he hasn't heard yet from the administrator on a course of action.