EMS workers trained to test for the coronavirus

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 6:53 PM EDT
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Health officials in the Northeast Kingdom are getting trained to test for the coronavirus.

State officials on Wednesday worked with EMS crews from Newport and St. Johnsbury, educating them on how to test for the virus and expanding the state's COVID-19 testing capabilities. It comes as the governor is lessening restrictions and the state says they want to be ready if more people need to get tested.

It was the first collaborative training of its kind in the state and the goal is to have crews ready to be set up for mass testing at places like nursing homes and correctional facilities.

"If there is a need to deploy a team there is an opportunity for the Department of Health to partner with local EMS to deploy a testing team," said the health department's Justin Barton-Caplin.

"This has not really been a huge issue. We have been very fortunate here in the Kingdom but we are willing to do our part to travel around the state and help," said Jeff Johansen with Newport Ambulance.

This would just be in case of a mass testing situation and health officials are needed to help out. If you are feeling symptoms, state officials say it is still best to contact your primary care provider to get tested.

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