Email scammer posed as Plattsburgh mayor

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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Plattsburgh City Police are investigating an email scammer who posed as the city's mayor in an attempt to steal thousands of dollars.

Police say Aug. 2, scammers used an email that appeared to come from the mayor to ask the city chamberlain to wire funds to an out-of-state account. The email asked that the money be sent to pay for part of the city's downtown revitalization project. Emails were exchanged back and forth with the scammers, but no money was sent.

"These scammers are innovative, to say the least. They try to cover their tracks with spoofing emails, changing IP addresses. It certainly presents a challenge to us," Plattsburgh City Police Lt. Brad Kiroy said.

Police say the chamberlain did not wire the funds and called the mayor. That's when they realized it was a scam and contacted the police. Police say they are investigating the emails to track down who's behind them.