Emergency crews thankful storm not as messy as expected

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Northern Vermont and New York got hit with a mix of rain and freezing rain late Saturday and into Sunday, but concerns of widespread power outages and flooding did not materialize.

"It was not as bad as what maybe had been first forecasted," said Kelly Donoghue of the Clinton County Emergency Services.

Which was a relief for some, including Harpreet Dheer-Dixon of Burlington. "Since the news has been broadcasting more flooding since yesterday, that was definitely on my mind, so it's good to see that's not the case," Dheer-Dixon said.

"We were hoping for lots of snow in the mountains. As much as it wants to fall," said Robert Quinn and Carlie Allen of Burlington.

Emergency crews in our region are keeping a close eye on rising waters but were overall pleased with the little activity. Vermont's southern counties saw the most power outages due to high winds. Green Mountain Power reported just over 1,500 outages Sunday evening. Officials in Clinton County, New York, say power outages were minimal.

"They have had some electrical issues where power outages were tree limbs maybe have hit the line a little, so some people have been out of power here and there," said Donoghue.

In Vermont, downed trees and power lines kept utility crews busy on Sunday. Officials say staying on top of the storm is key. "Weather changes at a moments notice," Donoghue said. "It was foretasted to be worse than what really we saw but still you could have an incident occur so always being prepared no matter what I think is what's always stressed."

As of Monday morning, Pettingill Road at Browns River Road, also known as Route 128 in Essex, is currently closed because of flooding.

Maidstone State Highway is also closed off Route 102 because of flooding.