Emergency workers prepare for snowy conditions

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Many different professions, such as health care and emergency services require people to drive in the snowy road conditions at night.

The Burlington Fire Department said firefighters have to be extra careful when responding to emergency situations, especially on narrow roads.

"When we do get on the roads, it's more of a slowed down response, so we are getting there safely. With the inclement weather, it may take us just a little bit longer, but we need to make sure we're getting there safe, or we're not going to get there at all. And we're not going to be helping anybody," Deputy Fire Chief Robert Plante said.

Firefighters also made sure to shovel their driveway Tuesday night, even after the plows came through twice.

The fire department also has extra staff on hand. If they do need to respond to a fire, they need additional firefighters to move the hoses through snowbanks.

Burlington residents can help firefighters by shoveling around fire hydrants. The time it takes emergency crews to do this themselves is time they are not spending fighting fires.