Essential workers balancing work and home life

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 7:27 AM EDT
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With Vermont's stay-at-home order extended for another month, essential workers are still balancing heading into work and caring for their children.

WCAX News talked with Greg Jager, a South Burlington police officer. He says he's lucky because his wife is able to stay home with their children, but that there are several young families in the police department relying on child care centers to help them.

He says bringing coronavirus home to his family is always on his mind, but he is mitigating risks where he can. That includes screening people through dispatch before officers respond, wearing protective gear, taking off the uniform before heading home and washing their hands constantly.

"You know, my hands are, my hands are raw right now for the amount of times I watch them, the amount of hand sanitizer I put on. It's in the back of the hand, but it's something we signed on for when we, when we took the, oh, you know, we're going to be here, um, for the people South Burlington for the citizens, for the citizens of Vermont," said Jager.

Jager says it's tough to think about the pandemic all the time, but that officers are leaning on each other for support.