Exercise class emphasizes cold weather workouts

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 1:05 PM EST
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Would you ever try a workout in frigid temperatures? A new exercise class is promoting the idea of burning calories in the cold.

Princess Sutherland is not a cold weather person. But despite that, she's trying something new -- a workout class where the thermostat is set to a chilly 50 degrees.

"It was out of my comfort zone, I said let me try that," Sutherland said.

The class is called Brrrn, with an emphasis on the "brrr." It's high-intensity in low temperatures. the theory is that working out in the cold is more refreshing and can help you burn more calories.

"Our whole thesis is that we want you to sustain a higher intensity for a longer period of time, and cooler temperatures do that for you," said Brrrn co-founder Jimmy T. Martin.

Instructors say the frigid temperatures also trigger the body's metabolism to keep you warm.

So if you don't have a class like this in your neighborhood, there are still some ways you can get all the benefits of a cold weather workout. "You can go for what we call a shiver walk, so like, dress with light layers, go for a walk around your block, do some calisthenics," Martin said.

After her first try, Sutherland says she's convinced. "It was just high intensity from the start," she said. "It felt better breathing in there, and it just feels refreshed when you stopped working out."

Proof that you don't need to be warm to work up a sweat.