Eye doctors not expecting rush of eclipse-related injuries

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The eclipse isn't expected to damage waiting room times for eye doctors.

UVM Medical Center Opthamologist Robert Millay says people frequently don't listen to simple advice -- like don't look at the eclipse. But he doesn't expect a rush in his office tomorrow. He says if someone was foolish enough to stare up at the sun today, the lens of their eye would focus the sun's power.

"Right on the center of the patients' vision -- the fovea - and can actually burn the fovea just like a laser can burn the retina, just like the lasers we use therapeutically," Dr. Millay said.

But Millay says with surgical lasers they would avoid the center of the eye. He says he only currently has one patient with a retina burn, and the patient damaged their eyes by looking at the sun during childhood. Millay says when the injury pops up in adults it's usually after they've been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.