FEMA assessing Halloween storm damage in New York

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.Y. (WCAX) The Federal Emergency Management Agency is in New York's Essex County to check out the damage from the Halloween storm.

That storm washed out roads in Northern New York and left some bridges unsafe. The county is still under a state of emergency as crews work to make roads passable.

Now, FEMA is assessing the damage to see if the county qualifies for help.

Eleven counties were impacted by the storm. Altogether, they need about $30 million in damage to be eligible for the federal dollars and an OK from the president.

"There are two types of aid. There's individual aid, which is for residents and local people. And public assistance, which is the more likely (for) infrastructure, roads, covers, bridges, things that were damaged during the storm," said Don Jaquish of Essex County Emergency Services.

Jaquish says some of the major fixes will have to wait until warmer weather in spring.