Facebook group creator hopes to spread rainbows in troubled times

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 5:22 PM EDT
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Friday is National Find a Rainbow Day. Our Kelly O'Brien found there are a lot of rainbows to be found in our region.

As more and more days pass and you're cooped up in your home, you might be looking for a little positivity.

"Kind of give them something to do while we're all in this quarantine mode," said Kristyn Dayter, the mastermind behind 518 Rainbow Hunt. "It took off and went crazy viral."

Now, over 100,000 people across the world are joining in on the fun and sharing the rainbows they make or see. That included 10--year-old Mariah Clausen from Beekmantown. Using a rainbow as her backdrop, she serenaded the health care workers in the community.

"I was sick and tired of people not having a smile and I wanted to put a smile on their face and let them know that we're not in this fight alone," Clausen said.

You'll also see Plattsburgh's Mikayla Defayette, who is painting a colorful centerpiece for her home. "Because of the kids in my neighborhood, I want to spread joy through my window," Defayette said.

The project took her about five days to complete and she hopes to bring a little color -- and maybe even some laughs -- to her neighborhood

Dayter says the Facebook site not only gives you something to do inside while quarantining, but something to do outside. You can go for a walk, get some exercise and have a nice little scavenger hunt looking for rainbows. "How do you not smile when you see a hundred rainbows while you're driving? it's just fun," she said.

Dayter says she hopes the rainbows bring a little positivity to people during these times. The world is dim and dark, but the thing about darkness is that where it ends, a rainbow begins.

"Positivity, color and light is awesome right now," said Matthew Favro of Plattsburgh.