Families reconnect with loved ones at Berlin nursing home on Father's Day

Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 7:35 PM EDT
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After 130 days of quarantine, residents at the Woodridge Nursing Center in Berlin are finally welcoming visitors.

Loved ones still had to wear masks, as well as get medical and temperature screenings. Residents are required to stay inside the building, while visitors can meet with them through designated open windows.

The administration at the facility thought this was the best way to limit the risk of exposure, but still give families a chance to see their loved ones in person, rather than over a computer monitor.

Donna Jewwett of East Barre has waited three months to see her husband, who she was visiting every day before the facility started their quarantine. She says the distance has been hard for her, but she understands why it has to be this way for now.

"It's been over three months and I just miss him so much," she said, "but you know I know he's being taken care of and today was wonderful and hopefully soon we'll be able to see him outside again."

Woodridge officials say they are already planning the next set of visits and will update protocol based on state guidelines.

Nurses at the facility, like Kayla O'Reilly, say the hardest part of the quarantine and the visits for residents is the lack of physical interaction.

"So a big thing is hugging, kissing, just that close interaction, that intimate space that you want to have with your loved one," she said, "so that's a real challenge, but honestly I think a lot of them are just grateful that they can see their family and know that they're okay."

Woodridge has not seen a case of COVID-19 during the pandemic.