Family fears the worst after Woodbury fires

Published: Nov. 2, 2018 at 6:04 PM EDT
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A mystery is unfolding in Central Vermont over the deaths of two people. Their bodies were found in the burned remains of neighboring homes in Woodbury earlier this week, but three days later, even the names of the victims remain unknown.

Our Dom Amato spent Friday in nearby Hardwick, where Vermont State Police are basing their investigation.

He spoke with one family who believes their loved one lost her life Tuesday. The Fradette family of Woodbury says they haven't heard from their sister and daughter Carol Fradette. Fradette lived on the property where the two bodies were recovered. The family says she lived in one of the homes. Her boyfriend, David Thompson, was a longtime renter according to police. Vermont State Police have not yet confirmed Fradette or Thompson were the two recovered. Police have said the fires are considered suspicious but they are not calling it a homicide investigation.

Friday afternoon, Major Crime Unit Commander Dan Trudeau said he had no update to share with us on the investigation. We were expecting more information to be released but it has not happened yet.

Some neighbors told WCAX News they believed there may have been some illegal activity going on at the home but that has not been confirmed. And a gas station owner in Hardwick said police asked for surveillance video that faces the road. Many people in Hardwick had heard about the incident from talking with friends and through social media but feared going on camera to talk about what they had heard or thought happened.

We also went to the Washington County court to look through any court records that could be related to the case but we have not yet been able to confirm with state police.