Heirloom rifle considered good luck charm on Youth Hunting Weekend

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HOLLAND, Vt. (WCAX) Hunting is a long-standing tradition in the Joyal family, and their youngest son Karson is carrying on the tradition.

Sunday morning the nine-year-old got his first deer ever -- 120 lbs -- as part of Youth Hunting Weekend.

"And then, all of a sudden, me and my grandfather looked to the side and there's a deer just standing there," Karson said.

Joyal was lucky enough to borrow the family rifle from his grandmother.
"Which was her moms, so a little generation to the gun. I feel like I kept a tradition going, like hunting is never gonna stop in the family," Karson said.

"I told him to use my gun, and it's like, 'It's not just my gun, it's your great-grandmother's gun, and she'll be with you, you'll have the luck with her,'" said Marilyn Judd, Karson's grandma.

The rifle has belonged to Judd since 2013, when her mother left it to her. She says the rifle had a longstanding place in her family and it was very special to her mother. "Growing up, we used to always go with my mom, it was her gun, and that's the gun she used," said Judd.

She says the rifle led to her getting her first big game, a 385 pound black bear. "I put the gun in the corner and sat down and said okay mom, lets get her done, and an hour later, my trophy bear came out, and one shot, it was down," said Judd.

Karson couldn't be happier to start his hunting career. "It felt pretty good because, first deer, first thing I ever got, pretty exciting," he said.