Family says Iraq war veteran in standoff suffers from PTSD

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A veteran who held his mother at gunpoint in Washington, Vermont last week was in Court Monday.

Fifty-eight year-old Matthew Bedia was in court Monday facing charges of aggravated domestic assault. He's accused of pulling a gun on his 80-year-old mother Friday night because he was upset at work being done on the family property. That led to a 13-hour overnight standoff with police that ended peacefully in the early morning hours Saturday.

Bedia's family and friends were in court to support him. His attorney argued he was not a threat to the community and that despite Friday's incident, his family was not scared of him. But the judge said Bedia isn't allowed to have contact with his mother, at least not until a judge in Orange County hears it out.

Community members this weekend said they were surprised by what police say happened and said Bedia is respected in the community. "He is a very good person and I know that he doesn't want to hurt people," said Kalynn Roya of Washington. "It makes me realize that he really must be going through more than any of us thought cause he loves his family -- he loves everybody."

What they say Bedia was going through was PTSD. Channel 3 interviewed the Purple Heart recipient after he returned home from Iraq. "I remember the blast of heat and I remember the pain," he told Channel 3 in 2007. His unit came under fire and he was injured. He told us then that readjusting to civilian life was a challenge. "There are things that are kind of hard to get over," Bedia said.

Back in court, one of the topics discussed was Bedia's medications. His lawyer says it had recently been changed. Roya says she think Bedia wasn't getting the right treatment. "I don't think that he's got the help that he's needed all this time," she said.