Farmers rally to protect organic label

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Farmers in our region say big corporations are hijacking the organic brand.

Dozens of farmers showed up at the Intervale in Burlington Sunday for the Keep the Soil in Organic rally. They came together to share their ideas and take a stand against companies that they say improperly label food as organic. Their main argument is that large companies grow fruits and vegetables using hydroponics without soil yet still call their food organic. One farmer we spoke with from East Thetford says he's fine with companies using the hydroponic growing method, but he says it should not be labeled organic.

"You can't replicate the brilliance of that organic soil system in a laboratory or factory and feed the plants in a way that you get the same result," said Dave Chapman of the Long Wind Farm.

Currently, there is no law that mandates companies to say whether a fruit or vegetable is grown using hydroponics.