Fight against new gun restrictions coming to Vermont, is continuing

Published: Apr. 7, 2018 at 7:53 PM EDT
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“We are getting a lot of horns beeping, we got a lot of happy people that we are out here,” said Christopher Covey.

Williamstown native Christopher Covey says his right to bear arms is worth fighting for. He organized the pro-gun rally in South Burlington Saturday. Many on hand were carrying.

“I know people are afraid of guns, were trying to get it out there, it’s not the gun you have to fear, it’s the gun in the wrong hand. Same as a knife in the wrong hand, can be deadly,” said Covey.

Similar rallies were held in Barre, and in Bennington. Gun rights advocates we spoke with say while school safety is important, the new legislation won't make students safer.

“I don't feel children are going to be protected,” said Naomi Snelling.

“If someone bad really wants to get into a school their going to get in there with anything they can,” Sheldon Rheaume said.

Recent incidents in schools across the country and here in Vermont -- prompted lawmakers to act. Covey says he believes there should be more gun education, rather than restriction.

“Firearms training courses in schools, getting people to understand what firearms are, parenting, getting back to where parents actually have to take responsibility for their children,” said Covey.

The hundreds of people at the peaceful demonstration on Saturday aren't giving up the fight on Vermont's future gun restrictions. Multiple bills await Governor Phil Scott's signature and he says he'll sign them.

“I myself am a Second Amendment supporter. I have a gun safe full of guns. I've been a hunter my entire life so it's not as though I don't understand that perspective,” said Governor Phil Scott.

Those at the rally don't feel Governor Scott sees their side of the debate and they say they will remember in November. They want Vermonters to get out and vote for state leaders who, they say, keep their Second Amendment rights intact.

“I just hope and pray that he really realizes what he is doing and what he is signing on for,” said Snelling.

“I don't believe the bills that we are signing infringe on the Second Amendment rights of anyone, and for those who believe that their guns are being taken away, that's just not true,” Governor Scott said.

Scott says he intends to sign the bills this week. But these protesters say they plan to be holding rallies for months to come.