Fighting hunger in Vermont with victory gardens

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 4:15 PM EDT
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A UVM Extension master gardeners program wants to help with food shortage issues caused by the pandemic here in Vermont.

The program is using a staple from another event in history when times were tough-- World War II.

They're called victory gardens and they're meant to help people feed those in need and themselves.

The project will connect expert food gardeners, including program volunteers, with those in need and the organizations that serve them.

"There are actually a number of things that we're looking at. One is, well they're calling community foodshed gardens, which is where there are gardens at, for instance, at church or house of worship or fire station or library, where community members are growing food cooperatively to feed others in their community who need that," said Gordon Clark of the UVM Extension Master Gardener Program.

The program will also work with individuals receiving federal assistance, like food stamps, and their neighborhoods if they are not-- or can't be-- part of a community group.

Watch the video to see Darren Perron's full interview with Gordon Clark.