Filmmakers document story of ADK serial killer in 'Garrow'

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The story of a serial killer running rampant in the Adirondacks in the 60's and 70's is now a feature film.

Mother and son filmmaking team Lori Bailey and Joel Plue have been working hard since 2015 to show the havoc raising life of Serial killer Robert Garrow in thee new film "Garrow."

"The movie is about the life of Robert Garrow. The abuse that he took as a kid, how it formed him as a man. Then we follow all of his crimes right up to his incarceration, escape and death," Bailey said.

"This is a story important to this area," Plue said.

Garrow terrorized the Adirondack Park in the 60's and 70's, committing rapes and murdering those that were in his way.

"Four that he was convicted for and admitted to and multiple rapes and kidnappings," Bailey said. She says she always wanted to work on a crime related film and she had a special connection to the Garrows. "Garrow went to school with my father in Mineville, New York. Then both my grandfather and Robert's father worked together in the Mines."

The film was completely shot in Essex County and the cast members call the Adirondacks home

"You know it's only appropriate to film it where it happened. You know a lot of films go to Canada for LA and you're not going to get the real Adirondack feel as you would up here," Plue said.

The story is based on true events. Bailey says she worked with those related to Garrow to write the script. "Which no one has been able to do, and I'm very thankful for the insider information of what it was like to live with him and witness the abuse," she said.

The movie is said to have some gore and was shot from Garrow's perspective.

"It was told responsibly and it really tells the whole story," Plue said.

"There was a delicate balance too when you look at the victims' side of it because a lot of those family members are still living. The few people that got away are still alive and I'm sure it affects them," Bailey said.

The movie premiere in Plattsburgh is January 12th at the Strand Center for the Arts.