First Special Olympics Fall Games held in Vermont

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. Vermont's first ever Special Olympics Fall Games took place in South Burlington this weekend.

Athletes participated in track and field, golf, softball and soccer, in hopes of bringing home a gold medal. Community volunteers coached teams, while family and friends cheered from the sidelines. The Special Olympics allows these athletes to improve their self confidence, and everyone is awarded at least a ribbon in these games, bu that doesn't stop athletes from giving it all.

Chrystal Hall told us her favorite part of the games; "Playing against other teams, meeting up with old friends from opposite teams but other than that enjoying the game," Hall said.

While Justin Jeffery just wanted to show appreciation to his family;
"I am just me, I'm going to move forward, and I want to tell my family thank you for being there for me and everything you guys do for me, they make me feel proud," Jeffery said.