1st winter storm of 2019 means work for some, play for others

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A snowstorm overnight had many people waking up to closed schools, slick roads and snow to play in.

Clearing one parking lot at a time, Bernard Lipka spends the winter months plowing around Chittenden County.

"I got a dozen places I do. I do the bank across the road, I do a couple banks down here," Lipka said. For the employee of Cedar Glen property maintenance, that means early mornings. "Rest? Ha, ha, you're funny."

Lipka says he is putting in extra work for Wednesday's storm. A big storm means big clean up. "This is the biggest thing we got this year," he said. "I'd come scrape it and 10 minutes later there's another inch-and-a-half of snow on the ground."

And slick roads were seen across the region Wednesday. A truck off the side of the road on Interstate 89 near Milton was just one example.

On Church Street, sidewalk plows cleared paths while some took advantage of a warm beverage and sightseeing.

"I don't understand people that don't like snow. I just think it's the most gorgeous thing in the world, so it's nice to have a beautiful city covered in beautiful things," said Elizabeth Cullen-Ann of Winooski.

For those without the benefit of a plow, there is always the shovel.

"I bet I'll have to come out and do a couple rounds of this if it keeps up," said John Powell of Burlington, who took the day off and was taking advantage of his time outside. "I was kind of stoked to come out and shovel, frolic a little bit. I'm going snowshoeing later."

And if snowshoeing isn't your speed, there's always sledding.

"I thought I was going 20 percent faster miles per hour kind of thing," said Avery Badger, 7. She knew this was exactly what she wanted to do when she heard she had the day off from school "Wow, would be so cool to go sledding and skiing with my dad."

One bond growing a little stronger on this day, whether it's for fun or funds.

"Winter snow plowing is a big chunk of business for Vermont," Lipka said.

It seems snow binds all Vermonters together.