Former Royalton cop accused of giving drugs from evidence to girlfriend

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Newly released court documents show senior Royalton cop John Breault was giving department-seized drugs to a woman he was sexually involved with.

A federal complaint filed by an FBI agent says that woman -- who became an informant -- told authorities she received heroin and prescription medication from Breault starting in July.
The woman told authorities she'd go to the police department with Breault, where he'd take drugs from the evidence locker and give them to her to "avoid withdrawals."

She said Breault also allowed her to "search" the drug take-back box seven times, allowing her to take fentanyl patches, oxycodone and Zoloft.

The filing says at one point, Breault told her told at least some of the drugs came from an arrest he conducted in June. Federal agents say that's when Breault recovered 78 bags of suspected heroin and 130 prescription pills -- items that were not in an evidence bag when authorities searched it.

Facebook messages recovered by FBI agents show Breault told the woman, "I'm really scared you're going to tell **** I gave you pills and H from evidence and I will get arrested and fired."

He also allegedly later told her, "It would be all over the news."

Breault allegedly gave the woman cash about ten times to buy heroin, and then get high in front of him.

His next court appearance is on Oct. 13.