Founding family back at Bolton Valley

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BOLTON, Vt. (WCAX) After a 20-year absence, the DesLauriers are back to running the resort they started.

Reporter Ike Bendavid: What does it mean to be back?
Evan DesLauriers: The world-- really does. I mean, growing up here and the fond memories, irreplaceable and the friendships and everything.

Evan DesLauriers' father and grandfather started Bolton Valley in 1966. The family sold it almost 30 years later when Evan was just 8. Now, Evan and his family are back in charge at Bolton.

"We're kind of going to be opening it up to the full year-round, getting back into the summer, in the fall business," he said.

DesLauriers says change is coming to the resort and it will boost the way you experience Bolton.

"Focusing on off-hill activities as well as on-hill and kind of just bringing some more vibrancy and life to the village up here," DesLauriers said.

More live music, better food, even a farmers market.

"We are only 30 minutes to Burlington and if we can have more amenities open year-round, that's the first step on getting more occupancy in the hotel year-round," said Josh Arneson, the vice president of sales and marketing.

Back on the slopes, they've already added 15 high-efficiency snowmaking machines.

"This is the mountain for the locals to come out and they just want to get on snow, so it's an experience and we wanted to preserve that. We didn't want to let it go," DesLauriers said.

The resort says prices are not going up unless the resort grows. They wouldn't say if an expansion is planned.

"I think really keep it at the local feeling is key for us, that's the core of our business," Arneson said.

DesLauriers says he is happy to be back where it all started-- on the mountain-- with Vermonters.

"That's kind of our niche," he said. "The local market that's looking to get into the mountains and have fun outside."