Fumes sicken employees at Fanny Allen

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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) The University of Vermont Medical Center is investigating after 17 employees got sick on the job.

Hospital administrators say last Wednesday, employees at the Fanny Allen campus in Colchester reported vomiting and getting dizzy.

The symptoms started after coming across a strong smell.

The UVM Medical Center tells WCAX News they haven't identified the source of that smell.

"We do believe it was a one-time event only because we haven't been able to replicate it. We've spent quite a bit of time ruling things out based on what the possibilities could be. We currently now are engaging an outside environmental consulting firm to help us do this analysis," said Dawn LeBaron of the UVM Medical Center.

The hospital tells us Vermont OSHA and the health department approved of their response.

They also say all of their employees were treated in urgent care and were released later that day.