Getting the Vermont camping experience without the hassle

CORNWALL, Vt. (WCAX) "They're almost like being in nature, not in a big long aluminum tube," said Eric Masterton-Mott of Green Mountain Tourism/Good 2 Go Camping.

Two campers parked near a sweeping view at Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall are ready for rental. Good 2 Go Camping emerged in February as an idea among friends at Green Mountain Tourism. And it started with finding the perfect pop-ups.

"Rescued from the backyards of neglect from other people and we brought them back to our home in Middlebury and just started renovating them," Masterton-Mott said. "It takes a lot of work."

Work that was shared by a few people, like his husband, Michael Breyette.

"I was like, I could maybe tackle redoing a pop-up. There's not a lot to them-- or so I thought," Breyette laughed.

Renovating including replacing old wood, repainting and creating a "feel" for each camper.

"We kind of tried to do themes," Breyette explained. "Like the first one is more of a cabin theme where it's hunter green and reds and wood and stuff. And this one's a bit more modern."

He got a lot of help on the decorations from Eric's mom, Diane Masterton-Mott.

"I'm the mom. And I got asked. And I said, sure, I can do that," Diane laughed.

From cushions to curtains, the 83-year-old says she doesn't know how many hours of work she put into creating these portable but homey spots.

"I don't really care how many hours -- just as long as it comes out looking perfect," she said.

Two are done so far, a third is still in the works. Other than the personal touch, what distinguishes them from other camper rentals is that the company sets it up for you, fills it up with Vermont snacks and has it prepared as their name suggests.

"When we say good to go camping-- when you show up at the campsite, you're good to go!" Eric Masterton-Mott said.

Which helps for people who want the experience without the hassle. Meghan Norwood and her husband took their 1-year-old son on his first camping trip this year at Lake Dunmore. They found the convenience of showing up without setting up worth it.

"When you have a young son, you're already bringing a ton of stuff, whether that's diapers or a pack-and-play or whatever. Everything else that's taken care of that you don't have to worry about-- like sleeping bags or other things-- it's awesome," said Norwood of Middlebury.

It's a new venture but they say they're already getting good feedback. And they're thinking of adding to their lineup to expand their fleet even more in the future.

One thing they don't handle is booking, you choose your campground or other spot. And there are different options you can add to customize your stay. Click here for more information.