Girlfriend of South Royalton homicide victim frustrated by unsolved case

Published: Oct. 3, 2018 at 5:56 PM EDT
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Nearly six-months since police found the body of a missing South Royalton man, they have still not made an arrest in the homicide case.

Now, for the first time, Austin Colson's girlfriend is speaking about the unsolved case.

Katie Grizzaffi says there is not a day that goes by that she does not think about Austin Colson. The couple had planned to get married. But now she says that there is only one thing in the world that she wants, and that's justice for Colson.

The two were living together in South Royalton when the 19-year-old went missing back in January. Grizzaffi and her family were part of the search team that scoured the region for months looking for him. His body was found May 23rd in a barn in Norwich. Police say he had been shot several times. Richard Witcomb, a caretaker of the property, was named a suspect in the case early on, but to date no arrests have been made.

"There is not a second that goes by that I don't think about him. We had a future completely planned out and it is completely gone. And I can't move on, I can't move forward, I can't do anything," Grizzaffi said.

She says she is frustrated that nine-months after Colson first went missing, police have been unable to make an arrest. "I'm pissed off. I'm upset. I can't even describe half the time what I am feeling," she said. "That the killer is out there, walking, and he gets to be with his family. And he should be behind bars or if not worse."

Vermont State Police are continuing to investigate the homicide. In a statement Wednesday they say they continue to follow up on leads and look for information from the public to assist in the investigation.

Windsor County State's Attorney Dave Cahill says progress is being made in the case as the investigation continues.

Colson's family has been receiving regular updates from police about the case. Austin's father, Dana Colson, says he realizes that cases take time, but he also said he's confident that the person responsible for his son's death will be brought to justice soon.