Glover students try to recoup class trip money

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 4:25 PM EDT
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Eleven eighth graders and their families are asking the Glover Community School School Board to return the money they raised for a class trip that was canceled due to the coronavirus.

The group raised over $22,000 for the annual class trip to New York City scheduled for this spring. The school had been holding onto the money in an account. But during Monday's board meeting, they did not say if they will distribute the money between the students, give back a portion and keep the rest for school upgrades, or put towards other class trips.

One factor in the decision is how the money was raised. Money for this trip comes entirely from students and parents, who have asked for the money to be used for technological upgrades, scholarship funds and other programs to benefit the students. Some schools in the district receive fundraising help from administration. In those schools, the administrators have suggested giving each student a $225 gift card and keeping the remaining balance for the school to use. If the school board applies that proposal to all schools in the district, the Glover Community School will keep about $20,000.

Amy Davis, an attorney representing the students, says she can't find any reason why the board would keep the money, other than greed. "We're really just hoping that the school board does the right thing and votes to support their education in some form, instead of pocketing the money, when the school board didn't do anything to help raise that money," she said.

Glover Community School Principal Angelique Brown told WCAX she has no doubt the school board will give back all money in some capacity. She said the school board most likely tabled the decision because they are waiting for proposals from other schools regarding similar situations. She says the school board supports upgrading technology for the nine students who have asked for it. The only concern is keeping money aside for four years for two students asking for a scholarship.

The next school board meeting is set for July 20.

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