Good Housekeeping's top toys get stamp of approval from adorable experts

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NEW YORK (CBS) The Good Housekeeping best toy awards are out for 2017. Meg Oliver went behind the scenes to find out how they weed out the winners.

Dressed in lab coats and armed with kelly green folders these professional toy testers are ready for action.

When it comes to ranking the best toys, Good Housekeeping doesn't play around. It all starts with more than 500 toys. At the Good Housekeeping Institute they screen them for creativity, educational value and safety -- beginning with the drop test.

"It's three feet off the ground -- bam! Then we check it to make sure it doesn't crack, or there are any sharp edges for the kids that they could potentially hurt themselves. And we make sure it's still operational," said Rachel Rothman, the insitute's chief technologist.

If the toys pass their strict standards, they bring in the professionals for honest feedback -- the kids who will play with them.

CBS returned three months later to see who made the grade.

Reporter Meg Oliver: So the winners have been revealed. This was a popular one -- what's this called?
Rachel Rothman: Paw Patrol -- My Size Lookout Tower. So for kids that are three and up, it is literally life-sized, standing at over two-and-a half feet tall. Lots of interactivity.

Twenty-four toys made it to the winner's table, including Build Your Own R2-D2. Two affordable options include the No Mess Paint Party and the LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart for under 40-dollars.

"Our Tiger was the number one favorite from kids, from us -- we absolutely loved it," Rothman said. "Tiger purrs."

Tyler the Tiger earned the top toy of the year impressing engineers with more than 100 sounds and animations, but with a hefty price tag of $130.