Good deed campaign launched in memory of late EMT

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 5:36 PM EDT
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It has been three years since Brendon Cousino was killed. The 30-year-old volunteer EMT was picking up a birthday cake for one of his three daughters when his car was hit by a wrong-way driver going 75 mph. She survived the crash and is behind bars.

Family and friends are honoring the memory of their loved one this week with random acts of kindness.

When Zach Cousino thinks of his brother, Brendon, all he can do is smile.

"He was a really goofy kid but also one of the most caring and selfless people that I have ever met," Zach said.

Which makes the end of the end of July a tough week. Brendon's death happened just a few days before his own birthday.

"The thought is it's going to be a really tough week every year just knowing that he is not here, so I figured why not try to turn it into a positive," Zach said.

"Be Like Brendon Week" encourages simple, random acts of kindness from buying a stranger coffee to letting someone jump you in line at the market.

Reporter Ike Bendavid: And why do this?

Zach Cousino: Why not? The world can use a little more kindness. I have had that philosophy... why not be nice to each other?

Brendon Cousino's legacy will not be forgotten at Richmond Rescue where he volunteered. In addition to acts of kindness, they are celebrating in their own way.

"For a few days before and after the anniversary of his death we wear orange to commemorate him," said Taylor Yates of Richmond Rescue.

The squad has also renamed their crew chief's award after him.

"The Brendon Cousino award is for members who exemplify those same qualities that Brendon brought to the squad," Yates said.

Zach Cousino: My thought is even the littlest thing can alter the course of someone's day.

Ike Bendavid: Do you think that would make Brendon happy?

Zach Cousino: Oh, he would love it. He would be the first one to take part in this.