Group not giving up trying to save Burlington park trees

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BURLINGTON, Vt. A group trying to save trees from being cut down in Burlington are not giving up the fight.

Keep the Park Green held a march and rally in Burlington on Sunday. The group has held multiple protests against cutting down of some of the trees in City Hall Park. The city says the trees that are being cut down are dying and would have to come down anyway. Those against the plan say the trees are healthy and a necessary part of the park. The Development Review Board approved the City Hall Park plans on Tuesday, but Keep the Park Green says their supporters have sent almost 200 e-mails to the city and city councilors to try and change the plans

“They need to listen to the people of this city, this transparency and decisions made behind closed doors has been enough; and people don't want it anymore. So were moving forward, we'll work with the city council, we'll work with the mayor, we'll work with the planners but were not giving up the fight,” said Monique Fordham of Keep the Park Green.

Fourteen smaller trees will be planted in the new plans.