Group wants to reduce daily trout catch limit

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MONTPELIER, Vt. Vermont’s trout season has started, and now, one group wants a limit on how many trout anglers can reel in.

The Vermont Council of Trout Unlimited is a group dedicated to preserving and protecting cold water fish. They are encouraging state officials to reduce the number of brook trout caught on rivers and streams, from 12 to 6 fish daily. The groups says the Vermont’s official cold water fish and only native trout to the Green Mountains, doesn't have the same protections as imported rainbow and brown trout that were stocked years ago. Chair of the group, Clark Amadon, says that unpredictable climate in Vermont was one of the factors in trying to reduce the daily limit. He believes it's never too early to increase protections and prepare for the future.

“Obviously we have a little bit of a climate change going on, here it is mid-April and it looks like early February at this particular point. So there's increased high water events, sometimes increased lengthy droughts,” said Amadon.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife recently finished a decade long study on wild brook trout populations. Results showed there are more young brook trout in rivers and streams and adult brook trout are as abundant today as they were 50 to 60 years ago.