Hard-to-kill houseplants

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Houseplants are back in style! Interior designers are using them to decorate rooms with big plants like rubber trees. But if you have a black thumb and you want to grow a houseplant, not that you have a black thumb, well here are three plants that are really easy to grow.

The first one is called the ZZ plant, it's an easy, zz plant. It's this beautiful little wand of leaves. But down at the base, it has a bulb that holds water, so that's the key. This plant can go months without watering. It will just sit there in a low light condition. Put it on a desktop, put it in a room without windows, it will do fine.

This one I'm familiar with. This is the snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue, or Sansevieria. This is a traditional variety with the variegation on the side but there are some new ones that are really kind of cool looking. Look at that cool braided one. Yes, there are also other ones that look like they are aloe plants. This plant also can go for weeks without any kind of watering. No problem at all. And it's another that withstands low light levels.

These are Chinese evergreens and they are easy. All you need are some fluorescent lights in a room and they do fine. This is a traditional variety with some lighter colors in the center but there is also a nice colorful version. Look at that. That's pretty! If you want these colors to really pop, you do have to give them a little more light. But again, you don't have to water them that frequently and they are really low maintenance.

You are singing my song! So here you go! Houseplants for the black thumb!