Hartland celebrates Olympic gold

Published: Feb. 12, 2018 at 5:14 PM EST
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A snowboarder with strong Vermont ties picked up gold at the Olympics over the weekend.

Jamie Anderson battled fierce winds on the slopestyle snowboard course, but in the end repeated her gold medal performance from the Sochi games and an event the U.S. has dominated this Olympics as well.

"When I landed my run and got a good score I didn't know that I had won, but after watching the other girls at the end -- then i took my victory lap -- my mind was blown. I could barely comprehend the emotions, but it felt really really good," Anderson said.

While Anderson is not from the Green Mountains, her mother lives in the Upper Valley, and there is a lot of love for her and her family in Hartland.

"I should make her bring it in and do a photo shoot," said Nicole Bartner at the Hartland Diner

Whether it's at the diner, the town offices, or the bank, Hartland is a place where everyone knows each other. And while two-time Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson grew up in California, her mom, Lauren, has lived in this small town for several years.

"I mean they seemed to be a really close nice family, so we can say that she is kind of from here," Bartner said.

Lauren Anderson owns the Weaving Dreams Alpaca Farm. When Jamie visits mom, like she did after winning her first gold at the Sochi Games, residents in this town get to brush shoulders with the best.

"I was very happy to find out that I was very close to a gold medalist," said Tony Matos of North Hartland.

"We went down there to visit a little bit ago and Jamie was in town, and all hung out and actually ate some of the food that Jamie cooked, which was really good," said Nicki Buck, Lauren's neighbor up the hill.

"Whe was pretty nice, and she does yoga," said Torgun Sanders.

Buck's kids, Torgun and Trevor made "good luck Jamie" cards that made there way all the way to South Korea.

"Watching her on TV I really felt good because I actually met that girl who was doing all those flips and stuff," Trevor said.

"It's really exciting though I don't think they know how lucky they are. They think that is just normal life," Buck said.

Normal life for two young kids inspired by Olympic gold.

"My son said that he wanted me to pull him out of school so he could be home-schooled and snowboard all day. I don't think that is going to happen," Buck said.

And Anderson's Olympics aren't over yet. She's also competing in the Big Air competition which will take place towards the end of the Games.