Heartbroken brother says murder victim devoted life to helping others

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A plea from the family of a murder victim as the accused killer remains on the run.

Anako "Anette" Lumumba-Courtesy: Pierrette Lumumba

Police say Annette Lumumba, a nurse and mother of three, was shot and killed inside her home 10 days ago in a normally quiet South Burlington neighborhood.

Now, her brother is calling on the suspect to turn himself in.

Adolphe Lumumba is still mourning the loss of his big sister Annette. He says Annette was a nurse who devoted her life to helping people and being a positive force in their lives.

"She was a very caring person and like I say from the beginning, a people's person, she loves everybody around her," Adolphe said.

On May 3, Adolphe rushed to his sister's home where he learned she was dead inside. His emotions were high as he tried to get past police to see her but they were able to calm him down. On this day, he kept his emotions in check and wanted to keep the focus on his sister and her children. Two of them she had with the man who police say killed her.

"He just needs to do the right thing for the kids and just face the consequences and move on," Adolphe said.

But Leroy Headley is still on the lam. For almost two weeks, he has been on the run-- and nothing.

"We haven't had a sighting of Mr. Headley, we have not had a sighting on his car," South Burlington Police Chief Trevor Whipple said.

Their search continues and they want your help.

"I think that really we need to leave everything open because we don't have anything to indicate otherwise," Whipple said.

Adolphe Lumumba didn't want to talk about Headley but he did want to thank the public for supporting him and his family.

"We do have a lot of support, a lot of people around us, which is very blessing to have and we are very thankful," he said.

And he's holding out hope that Headley is found.

"That will help not just for us, for the state, but for the kids," he said.

The service for Annette Lumumba will be held this Thursday at St. Francis Cemetery in Winooski at 1 p.m. The public is invited. Click here for more information and more about Annette Lumumba.