Heavy snow causes power outages

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JERICHO, Vt. Wet heavy snow weighing down on power lines left homeowners in Jericho without power Saturday morning.

"It was dark when we woke up. We were like oh no the clocks not on," said Johanna Ploof of Jericho.

The snow was a surprise for some, but not for Johana Ploof, who isn't fooled by Vermont's "Spring."

"It usually happens every March," said Ploof who used the resources available like collecting snow to melt so she could wash her dishes.

"You got to do what you do got to do," said Ploof.

But it wasn't just Jericho, spring snow all over the region had utility crews all over the region working around the clock.

"We started about 8 o'clock yesterday. We worked all day," said Mark Benoit of Green Mountain Power. He says he responded to all types of calls on his long shift.

"We had some tree damage, a couple car and pole accidents. It's been a busy night, said Benoit. In Jerhico, downed electrical wires had Benoit high up in the trees working to put the power back on. He says the rural areas are a tough fix as sometimes it leads him deep in the woods.

"It's going to take longer obviously to get it going," said Benoit.

Good news for homeowners like Ploof who planned to spend her Saturday indoors.

"Play board games - read books," said Ploof
And for the Benoit and the crews around the region, it's just the norm responding to the call for help.

"Just another day on the job," said Benoit