Whipping winds leave thousands of Vermonters in the dark

GOSHEN, Vt. (WCAX) Another wild April storm in Vermont. But it is not the snow, sleet or rain causing the problems. It is the high winds bringing down trees and power lines.

"The wind has been very bad. It has been very bad all night," said John Hoare of Brandon.

When Hoare woke up Monday morning, the lights were out at his Brandon home and a tree was laying in his front yard.

"We have had worse than this before and nothing has come down. But this time it seems something has come down," Hoare said.

Line crews were busy at this house and hundreds of other locations across the region Monday. Wind gusts over 50 mph snapped limbs and toppled trees, taking out the electric lines in their path.

"We are having a really hard time with even keeping the wire in the air," said Thomas Murphy of Green Mountain Power.

On Route 73 in Goshen, Mother Nature's furry was intimidating. It felt as though a 100-foot pine could fall at any moment. Cut trees lined the sides of the route making it passable for cars but power crews were forced to hold off on the repairs.

"Just too dangerous around the main road there," Murphy said. "People with cars we were trying to direct them through and tree were falling while we were up there."

In the meantime, the crews were fanning out to different locations. They said they would make it back to all the problem areas once the wind subsided a bit.

"It is completely crazy," Hoare said. "I have never seen anything like it in 30 years."

Green Mountain Power doubled its line crews in preparation for this storm and they will work around the clock to turn the lights back on, but officials say it will likely not be until Tuesday that they know the full extent of the damages.