Hillary Clinton speaks to students at Dartmouth College

Published: May. 8, 2019 at 5:56 PM EDT
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Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at Dartmouth College Wednesday.

Clinton is no stranger to Dartmouth. She made several stops at the Hanover school during both the 2008 and 2016 presidential primaries. But Wednesday's visit was not a campaign event. Instead, it was a discussion about the world we live in.

Clinton touched on a wide range of topics during the hour-plus question-and-answer lecture. Topics included the Iran nuclear deal, Watergate and the Russia relationship.

Clinton, of course, brings a wealth of knowledge from her time as U.S. secretary of state. She also addressed the Mueller report.

"If you are an American, the idea that our election is being trifled with, being impacted and may be determined by Putin and the Kremlin and his intelligence service and military and... all of their assorted allies and agents. That should give us heartburn because we cannot have a strong relationship with Russia for good or ill if we basically allow them to undermine the basic exercise of our democracy," Clinton said.

The event was hosted by the Dickey Center for International Understanding which focuses on addressing the world's challenges.

Hundreds of students showed up for the event. We asked them if Clinton was still relevant in today's politics. The overwhelming answer was yes.

"I think a lot of her ideals, especially around universal health care, is something that she started and something we are still talking about. So, I think a lot of her ideals are still really relevant and I think she has been a pioneer and I believe that her ideals are shaping the Democratic Party, even today," said Nicole Ferraro, a graduate student.

"I think her dedication to public service is big but also the Clintons have really solidified themselves as a powerhouse family within the Democratic community. So, I think she will be relevant for a long time coming," said Darryn Lee, a graduate student.

Clinton was also scheduled to meet privately with the Dickey Center's War and Peace fellows, as well as students and other members of Dartmouth's faculty.

Of course, many more politicians will be heading to campus as the 2020 presidential primary quickly approaches.