Holiday decorated tractors parade through St. Albans

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ST. ALBANS, Vt. (WCAX) Vermonters got in the holiday spirit Friday night at the Saint Albans Cooperative Tractor Parade.

Crowds lined the streets as decked out tractors and trucks lit up the Rail City.

“We have the cow on there and the Santa…Olaf on the front,” said Jake Reynolds, a Saint Albans resident whose tractor was in the parade.

The Reynolds family's tractor was one of more than 40 decorated vehicles..

“It brings everybody out to see tractors in a different look,” said Dave Reynolds. “Bring everybody together in the community, and just give them a little show...something different to do."

"Being excited to see all this, all our hard work into doing it,” said Jake Reynolds.

Organizers say a couple thousand spectators enjoyed the parade.

The fourth annual event was run by Saint Albans Cooperative Creamery.

The route was from the co-op, up Main Street, by Taylor Park and back.

Farmers from across Vermont spent hours getting their tractors ready for the big night.

“A lot of these tractors were in the field,” said Harold Howrigan of the Saint Albans Co-op Creamery. "Ours were in the field yesterday, and so the boys worked hard yesterday, last night, cleaning them up."

Inside the co-op store, kids stayed warm with festive face painting, snacks, and games.

Reporter Priscilla Liguori: "What kind of balloon do you have?"
Melody St. Francis of Alburgh: "A kitty cat."

Howrigan, who is a dairy farmer, helped organize the fun. “It's kind of a celebration as farmers finish up their cropping season and kickoff the holiday season,” he said.