Fallen Vermont law enforcement officers honored

PITTSFORD, Vt. (WCAX) Law enforcement agencies across the country are holding memorials this week to honor those who have died in the line of duty. And that includes here in Vermont at the Vermont Police Academy.

Law enforcement officers from across Vermont marched in unison Friday to remember their fallen colleagues. The annual event is organized by the state's Chiefs of Police Association and other agencies.

"It's a somber moment for many but we need to reflect on that. For those who run toward danger rather than away and put their lives on the line for all of us who sit back and enjoy all the freedoms that we have," said Gov. Phil Scott, R-Vermont.

Tpr. Kyle Young was the most recent police officer in Vermont to die while on the job. He suffered a medical emergency while training in Jericho.

Sheriff's Deputy Ruby Rainault was killed in 2003 after being broadsided by a truck the Northeast Kingdom.

Sgt. Michael Johnson died that same year after being hit by a vehicle on Interstate 91.

"The passage of time does not diminish the service and sacrifice that they made for us," Thetford Police Chief Michael Evans said.

Since 1814, 36 Vermont officers have died in the line of duty.

Family of the fallen and members of the public showed up at the Vermont Police Academy to pay tribute.

"We would be here if we were fortunate enough to have one name on the Vermont Memorial Wall, we would be here doing the same thing," Evans said.

Officials say, inevitably, more law enforcement officers will be killed in the line of duty but they also say that memorials like this will make sure that they are never forgotten.