Honoring veterans in the North Country

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) As the wind blows and the temperatures drop, it doesn't stop Steven Robart from remembering.

"It means a lot, especially to veterans who are gone, veterans who are still alive can go down, especially for the ones who know the people who have passed away. It sums it up. It's a beautiful place," said Steven Robart, the director of the Veterans Park.

This Navy veteran says being able to have a place like the Veterans Park in Plattsburgh means everything-- each brick telling a story.

"To know that we actually memorialize the veterans from our area," Robart said.

Robart was discharged from the Navy back in 2004 for a knee problem. That's when he joined Disabled American Veterans.

"I don't regret a day of joining the military," Robart said.

Since he can no longer serve, he's devoted his life to serving other vets serving on the Veterans Park Committee.

"It's somber," he said. "You can tell a lot of the people it means a lot to them what is going on down there."

To honor vets-- those living and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It serves as a place people can come and sit to come and think.

"I came out here just to observe the shadows that are cast on the wall. I really like the way they represent the soldiers that have served our country and protect us, along with the rest of the wall here. A little bit of thanks to give back," visitor Charlie Harn said.

This is something that sits close with her.

"I'm very into people serving our country and I wanted to serve myself," Harn said.

A heart murmur prevented her from serving.

"There are hundreds of people who aren't recognized that serve our country and people don't realize that day to day, their safety is being protected by men and women overseas," Harn said.

If you would like to purchase a brick to be added to the wall, you can purchase one through the Disabled American Veterans Chapter in Plattsburgh. They cost $50. Click here for more information.