How Vt. lawmakers can help you reach the labor department

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) If you're still struggling to get through to the Vermont Labor Department to file an unemployment claim, a new tool could help.

It was created by the House speaker and majority leader. Basically, it will get you in touch with your local lawmaker who can then help you get through to the labor department.

There's a form you fill out and your local lawmaker will work to fast-track your claim by identifying old cases and ones with simple issues.

"We're trying to decrease the amount of time each case takes the Department of Labor so that more Vermonters can be helped sooner. We've been very concerned, as I know the administration has been, that some Vermonters have been going without income for six going on seven weeks," said Rep. Mitzi Johnson, D-Vt. House Speaker.

To get the form, reach out to your local lawmaker. Click here for the state's website where you can get their contact information.

Watch the video to see more of Darren Perron's interview with Johnson.