How does a virtual college graduation stack up?

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 5:34 PM EDT
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Graduation parties are an age-old tradition for college students. But at least some members of UVM's class of 2020 are heeding the guidance not to gather.

Our Kiernan Brisson caught up with a few grads for their take on Sunday's virtual ceremony and how they are marking the occasion during the pandemic.

"It wasn't what we planned on but it was fun. It was sweet that they made a thing for us, they made a whole website and a video, and each of the colleges had their own video for their individual graduations," said Seamus Elliott, a UVM graduate.

New graduates from the University of Vermont who we talked to say it wasn't the graduation they expected, but they appreciate the effort.

Some say it would have been better to wait for the end of the pandemic to hold an in-person ceremony, others were more or less surprised that graduation only took an hour to complete.

"It was quick. It was only a 40-minute video for the main thing and then five minutes for the-- I'm in the engineering college, so that was five minutes," Elliott said.

"It was nice but I feel like an in-person graduation, it was also a beautiful day yesterday like today, so it would have been nice to kind of has some sort of-- finalization on my four years," said Dominic Mosca, a UVM grad.

At least some graduation celebrations looked different this year, too.

While North Beach would normally be flooded with college graduates this time of year, a lot of grads decided to stay home and celebrate the occasion with their friends and roommates.

"We've taken this-- this quarantining type thing pretty seriously, which can kind of be difficult with the social nature of what's going on right now," said Abe Trabulsy, a UVM grad.

Both Trabulsy and his roommate Mosca say that they've been celebrating from home, following state health guidelines but also acknowledging their accomplishments and seeing friends at a safe distance.

"We obviously saw some people but, we've been seeing people like a certain group of people and those are the people that we try and stick to-- but we got to say hi from a distance and everything like that but it was definitely tough," Mosca said.

Graduates were told that they may get the chance for an in-person graduation when the pandemic ends, which many are hopeful for.

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