How some supermarkets are helping shoppers make healthy choices

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RAMSEY, N.J. (CBS) James Aguilera is going over numbers from his lab work with a dietitian.

"I'm a diabetic, Type 1, so my A1C was out of control," Aguilera said.

But they're not in a doctor's office. They're at his local grocery store.

Registered dietitian Kelsey Lubeck meets with customers every week at the Shop Rite in Ramsey, New Jersey. It's a service the store offers free of charge.

"We'll do a one on one consultation. We'll sit down for a bit and then we walk the store and show them products," Lubeck said.

The program gives tips for reading nutrition labels to help customers make healthy choices.

"Maybe looking at a claim that's on a product and explaining what it means," Lubeck said.

For customers like Aguilera, who has diabetes, Lubeck shows how to count carbs in products.

"She explained, that's not really 15 grams of carbs anymore. You subtract the seven grams of fiber, now it's eight grams of carbs," Aguilera said.

Inserra Supermarkets launched the program in 2012 and says thousands of customers have taken part.

"A lot of shoppers are dealing with chronic medical conditions that diet and nutrition can really play an important role in helping resolve or prevent," said Dana McLaughlin, the manager of health and wellness for Inserra Supermarkets.

Since shopping with Lubeck, Aguilera has his diabetes in check and he's lost weight.

"I've lost 20 pounds since I started this about a year ago," he said.

One thing he's gained is a healthier way to shop.

Other supermarkets offer access to dietitians and nutritionists, but most charge for the services.