Hungry goats want you to recycle your Christmas tree

Published: Jan. 4, 2020 at 8:03 PM EST
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The Pine Island Community Farm in Colchester is looking for your Christmas tree.

Owners of the farm say Christmas trees make a perfect snack for their goats. They expect to take in over 300 tress this year.

"The goats love these trees," said Pine Island Community Farmer Chuda Dhaurali, "They didn't get a chance to eat, this type of green. They like it, [it's] like candy."

"We had known about this for a while and we just wanted to come and donate the tree and feed the goats," said Shaun Dreisback of Colchester, she and her daughter were a few of the first community members to show up at the farm with a Christmas tree on Saturday. "It's much better than leaving the tree on the curb for it to just to go to a dump."

Dreisback's daughter, Campbell said that she loved going to the farm.

"I love goats," she said, "They are so gentle and soft, and being able to feed them has to make them really happy, I know I'm happy."

The tree recycling generates around three months worth of food for the goats, and the farm says that they use every part of the trees, either for food, wood chips, or fertilizer.