Anglers urged to watch for imported bait fish

Mosquitofish/Vt. Fish and Wildlife

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging anglers to be on the lookout for imported mosquitofish that were inadvertently brought into state along with approved bait fish.

The mosquitofish were found among other baitfish that were brought to the state in a shipment of fathead minnows, which are allowed.

Mosquitofish are native to the southern United States. They have been introduced in other areas where they have hurt populations of native fish and water quality.

It's thought that Vermont waters are too cold for mosquitofish to reproduce, but they are known to have survived as far north as New York City.

Fisheries Director Eric Palmer says anglers and bait shop owners should destroy any mosquitofish they find.

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