Immigrants in Vermont fear changes to 'public charge' rule

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A Vermont nonprofit is crying foul over the Trump administration's proposed changes to the "public charge" rule, which would affect immigrants living in the U.S. who seek green cards or apply for entry to join their families.

A "public charge" is someone deemed to be potentially burdensome to the state. Under the change, these individuals will be less likely to secure entry or permanent status if they accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program benefits.

That is not sitting well with Hunger Free Vermont. Friday, the nonprofit introduced us to Eve Dolkart. She's a Burlington resident who says her family has faced the threat of this proposed rule. Dolkart and her husband had fallen on hard times and were concerned that if they had to lean on Hunger Free Vermont to help with their situation, the chances of her husband securing permanent status could be in doubt.

"I wish for us to live in a place in which people aren't afraid to use the rights that they're entitled to by living in our communities and being a part of the state of Vermont and our country," Dolkart said.

Hunger Free Vermont It's asking all Vermonters to visit its website and submit comments on the proposed "public charge" rule by Dec. 10.