In the Garden: Later summer flower color

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Charlie for this late in the season, you got a lot of color in your garden! A lot of times people just kind of give up on their garden, but you really shouldn't. Because there are perennials and there are some shrubs that will actually come back and flower a second, maybe even a third time for you.

Like roses! This time of year it's gotten cooler, the days are shorter so there's dew in the morning and a little more moisture in the soil. And there's no more bugs! No more Japanese beetles. So our landscape roses, in particular, are doing really well. 'Apricot Drift' is this really beautiful apricot colored one. You can see all of the flower buds that are coming along and the ones that are open already. And 'Bonica' is an old-fashioned rose. It's kind of a pink rose that fades to a white. It looks like almost a June flowering on them. Some of these landscape roses are really nice ones to have because not only do they give you the flower color in the summer, when we have a normal summer, but you can get the color again in the fall.

But the color is not just limited to the landscape roses. There are perennials that, if you cut them back after they bloom and you keep them well watered, especially this summer, they would come back and flower again for you. The 'Rozanne' geranium has beautiful periwinkle colored blue flowers. The salvias will come back and flower again that way. Even the Centauria, or Mountain Bluette, which is an early summer blooming flower has bloomed two or three times. We even have California poppies blooming again!

So our longer fall really allows us to have more color, and more conducive weather, to have flowers bloom longer and last longer, too. You need to not give up so early.