In the Garden: Heat-tolerant perennial flowers

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) If you have a hot, dry, sunny spot in your garden, you might be having some trouble keeping flowers blooming. Charlie Nardozzi is going to show us a few varieties that are very tolerant of those conditions.

Sharon Meyer: Charlie, you have some beautiful colors in your garden.

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes, and with all of the hot weather, people sometimes have a hot sunny spot that's droughty, and a place where it's hard to grow a lot of perennial flowers.

Sharon Meyer: Without watering all the time.

Charlie Nardozzi: So after a number of years of experimenting, we've come up with a couple of flowers that do really well under those conditions. The one right here, is a sedum. So most people think of sedums as being tall plants, but there is a creeping type of sedum and this is a red carpet sedum, and there's a yellow version of it called Angelina.

Sharon Meyer: Does this blossom right through til frost?

Charlie Nardozzi: No, it will blossom in mid summer -- this time of year, but once the blossoms go by you can see there is even a red tinge on the foliage, and it spreads. It's a great ground cover. A lot of rock gardens look great with this plant growing in it as well. Now if you want something a little bit taller, there are the Euphorbias, and these are a succulent kind of plant that have either a purple kind of foliage to them, or even a bluish tinge to them, and some even have a yellowish foliage to them, but they are nice and rounded and after they are done flowering, they have a beautiful shape. And you can see this one is right next to an Artemesia, or Silver Mound. This is the perennial Artemesia, and its grown mostly for the silver foliage. That's another little tip, if you are looking for plants for hot dry places, look for ones with silver foliage like Perovskia and this Artemesia, they do really well under those conditions.

Sharon Meyer: Good to know.