In the Garden: Planting succulents

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Soon we will actually be outside in our gardens, and if you are a beginning gardener and you are looking for something easy, Sharon Meyer and Charlie Nardozzi say take a look at some succulents

Sharon Meyer: Charlie, we are all pretty desperate for something green these days.

Charlie Nardozzi: Absolutely

Sharon Meyer: But not everybody is a great gardener, so these are supposed to be easy?

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes. They are easier than most, and the nice thing about succulents -- which is what all of these are -- is that you don't have to wait for the flowers. These are beautiful because they have great looking leaves and they have beautiful textures and forms.

Sharon Meyer: And colors.

Charlie Nardozzi: And colors too. Some of these, are perennials. The hens and chicks.

Sharon Meyer: I've seen these in people's gardens.

Charlie Nardozzi: Yes, those and sedum for example, another perennial that you can put outside. But a lot of the ones that you can see here in these small containers are annuals in our climate, so you do have to bring them in at the end of the season, or just swoosh, you're done. And the nice thing about succulents for a beginning gardener is all you really need is two things. You need full sun and you need well drained soil. Another nice thing about these for beginning gardeners is that they are very slow growing. You can get a bunch of them like this, and they won't really get over crowded mid summer so it will still look nice. And if you forget to water, that's ok because these guys like to dry out between waterings. So it's nice to have the different kinds of varieties that are out there, whether it be aloes, or agaves, or extravarias. And you can look at the coloring on these leaves and they are beautiful, and some of them will even flower later in the summer if they get enough sun. So start with succulents if you really want to have a beautiful little garden.

Sharon Meyer: Exactly what I'm looking for.