In the Garden: Don't overlook whites in your flower palette

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX Sharon Meyer spoke with garden expert Charlie Nardozzi about how white can also be an effective color in the garden.

Charlie Nardozzi: I love the colors that they have in this little garden. Little gardens like this are really nice because they are using different colors and using white as a color. Most people don't think of white as a color. We're always looking at the blues, reds and purples, but white can be a real effective color in a garden.

So you have these beautiful pinwheel petunias here, with purple and white colors. But what really makes them pop is having these beautiful dusty millers, and this Euphorbia which is a relatively new annual. It's very airy and you can see the bees love it, too. It suits this garden really nicely because it really highlights the contrast in the flower shapes, from the big petunias, to these little euphorbias.

You can use the same types of colors for bigger plants, too, like the canna lily -- which, of course, is mostly grown for its foliage. You can have these nice white colors underneath that canna, and that will just pop out these reds in the canna lily a little bit more. It's really nice how many colors you can get just in the leaves. You'll also see this in other one, white scaevola, which is another unusual color for that type of plant. Here are some salvias, and even some papyrus, which is kind of unusual.

All of this is just using that color white, to pop out the leaf colors, foliage colors and the flower colors of these other plants. Even if they aren't looking so great, white will rule and keep this garden looking nice through the season. So don't overlook the whites and the silvers.